Adrieanne Arnold was born and raised outside Chicago, in the beautiful suburban state of Illinois. Adrieanne considers her faith and life experience the most important foundation toward growth for elevation and innovation. If she is not spending time with family, you can almost always find her in class finishing her Psychology Degree, enjoying nature, or writing poetry for fun. “Shattered Makeup, On The Other Side of Heart Break” is her first faith-based memoir with a message.

Adrieanne is a mother of two beautiful daughters and loves being a mom. Adrieanne is starting her life over from a non-lasting marriage and losing everything she had. Adrieanne is completing her Psychology degree at Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois. Her aspirations are to obtain a Master’s in Community Psychology and work as a practicing clinical psychologist, who serves underserved communities. Adrieanne currently serves on a ministry, at Courtside Ministries Organization, who ministers prayer to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. She is also a part of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars for high honor achieving students. Adrieanne loves to try diverse types of foods, she loves meeting new people, having fun, shopping (specifically shoes), and hopes to travel now more than ever before.

“There is a freedom in starting over, this time you are wiser, stronger, and full.” – Adrieanne Arnold